A complete list of my publications.                                             My Google Scholar profile.

Areas of interest:
  • probability,
  • statistics,
  • machine learning and
  • applications (sports & economic forecasting, medical prognostics & diagnostics, fraud detection, etc...).

Some of the papers I've (co)authored:

Vračar, P., Štrumbelj, E., & Kononenko, I. (2016). Modeling basketball play-by-play data. Expert Systems with Applications, 44, 58-66. [PDF]

Poberžnik, M., & Štrumbelj, E. (2016). The effects of air mass transport, seasonality, and meteorology on pollutant levels at the Iskrba regional background station (1996–2014). Atmospheric Environment, 134, 138-146. [PDF]

Erčulj, F., & Štrumbelj, E. (2015). Basketball Shot Types and Shot Success in Different Levels of Competitive Basketball. PloS one, 10(6), e0128885. [PDF]

Štrumbelj, E. (-). A Comment on the Bias of Probabilities Derived From Betting Odds and Their Use in Measuring Outcome Uncertainty. Journal of Sports Economics (to appear). [PDF]

Štrumbelj, E., & Kononenko, I. (2014). Explaining prediction models and individual predictions with feature contributions. Knowledge and Information Systems, 41(3), 647-665. [PDF]

Štrumbelj, E. (2014). On determining probability forecasts from betting odds. International Journal of Forecasting, 30(4), 934-943. [PDF]

Štrumbelj, E., & Erčulj, F. (2014) Analysis of Experts’ Quantitative Assessment of Adolescent Basketball Players and the Role of Anthropometric and Physiological Attributes. Journal of human kinetics, 42, 267‐276. [PDF]

Štrumbelj, E., Vračar, P., Robnik-Šikonja, M., Dežman, B., & Erčulj, F. (2013). A Decade of Euroleague Basketball: an Analysis of Trends and Recent Rule Change Effects. Journal of human kinetics, 38, 183-189. [PDF]

Štrumbelj, E., & Vračar, P. (2012). Simulating a basketball match with a homogeneous Markov model and forecasting the outcome. International Journal of Forecasting, 28(2), 532-542. [PDF]

Štrumbelj, E., & Kononenko, I. (2011). A general method for visualizing and explaining black-box regression models. In Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms (pp. 21-30). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. [PDF]

Štrumbelj, E., & Šikonja, M. R. (2010). Online bookmakers’ odds as forecasts: The case of European soccer leagues. International Journal of Forecasting, 26(3), 482-488. [PDF]

Štrumbelj, E., Bosnić, Z., Kononenko, I., Zakotnik, B., & Kuhar, C. G. (2010). Explanation and reliability of prediction models: the case of breast cancer recurrence. Knowledge and information systems, 24(2), 305-324. [PDF]

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